Xperia X10 – Gingerbread – Android 2.3.3 – Cyanogenmod 7.0 v10a – HD

Dual purpose video. Recorded using X10a on 2.1 while testing stock camera mod v9 by 28spawn. Showcasing Xperia X10 with Cyanogenmod 7.0 v010a ROM by Jerpelea. Camera mod has added a chipmunk effect to the camera application but frame rates and images appear to be better. Waiting for the fix. Cyanogenmod 7.0 is awesome in my opinion. There are issues with it such as random WLOD (white light of death doesen’t kill your phone but reboots it). Culprits appear to be facebook and stock browser. Youtube intermittently works. Wifi, GPS, Radio, Flash 10 are working. Battery life does appear to be improved in my opinion. Update: After a few days, phone will go into WLOD mode causing it to continuously reboot. Reflashing is the only way to stop it. On v012a now will update info when I get the chance. NEWS: Bootloader has been greatly bypassed! I believe Bin4ry was first to do it but It has been confirmed that Jerpelea has been able to load a custom kernel on to the X10. This means that certain limitations such as FPS, native tethering, overclocking and many others will soon be available. Great job Developers!!! Camera Mod: Cyanogenmod 7.0: Arc Launcher: Remember to donate to developers to help FREEX10!!!!

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