Xbox Kinect hack brings interactive pornography uses

Kinect, Microsoft’s recently released controller-free motion gaming peripheral will be hacked for uses in the interactive pornography industry “within the month” industry experts have claimed.


With hacked Kinect units already being used for everything from puppet shows to Minority Report style web browsers, Kyle Machulis, dubbed a Kinect-hacking authority by New Scientist magazine and head of a website too smutty to mention, has declared Kinect pornography will be here before Christmas.


Machulis, who claims to have experimented with Kinect pornography by waving a sex toy in front of the gaming camera, has encountered a few issues on his quest to interactive carnal content: "The pattern the Kinect uses to get depth data is made for picking up full bodies to control video games, isn’t quite so good at picking up minutiae about those bodies."


He added: "Genitalia, for the most part, are not a major geometric feature of the human body when taken in perspective of physical size….Neither are they normally used in the control of video games, be they rated [for all] or [for adults only]."


Despite the stumbling blocks, Machulis has not been deterred and went on to add: "The Kinect alleviates the need for having hardware, because now as long as we have a shot of the ‘action,’ as it were, we can use that ‘gesture’ as a control. Not only that, the gesture itself is the toy. Or you could employ a toy under the gesture."


What uses would you like to see hacked Kinect units implemented for? Share your thoughts and ideas via the T3 Twitter and Facebook pages.

Via: CVG

Posted by Luke Johnson

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