Xbox 360 Update | Flashed Console owners BEWARE!!! Dashboard 2.0.13140.0 What you NEED to know!

————————→ FaceBook Twitter @ITZLUPO → LIKE THE FACEBOOK PAGE! ← @ITZLUPO ►►►Read First◄◄◄ Alright what is up everyone giving you Guys a quick heads up on what to expect with this new dashboard coming up in the next few weeks and for everyone currently on the beta build. And to address additional Questions I Made some topics followed by answers below Question. Q: What is a flashed or Drive modded console? A: Flashed consoles or Chipped consoles are modifying the drives firmware to run Backups of Xbox 360 Games. Q: What will this effect? A: People who currently own a flashed Xbox 360 Console and for people who Are looking into flashing there consoles Drive Firmware Q: What Is antipiracy 2.5? A: Anti-Piracy version 2.5 is the newest addition by Microsoft to detect custom DVD Drive firmware and is included in the new Kinect dashboard. This check has been included for some time but hasn’t been activated until Kinect. This authentication blocks backups from being loaded and displays a message that states ” This disc is unreadable.” which looks like this Q: Will I have to re flash my Drive after this update? A: Yes and not only that there is a possibility That we will HAVE to re download and re-run our Games in a later version of ABGX360 for the AP2.5 Patche’s as thus Microsoft is slowly implementing AP2.5 across all games, Meaning we will have to re burn current games some time soon. Q: I am on a non

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