WordPress Podcast: iPhone Candy with Ryan Imel

We are back! And this week we catch up with Ryan Imel. The Editor-in-Chief of WP Candy, he transformed what was once a tutorial site for the past years into a fast-paced breaking WordPress news site. Ryan is a serial entrepreneur having created projects like COMMENTbits and others.

To kick things off this week we talk shop with Ryan as he tells us about the brand new iPhone app – WPCandy WordPress News –’s first venture into the App Store and is available right now. This is one of the means by which the community can support, and as such we open the discussion on different monetization methods outside of ads on your site.

Joost and Ryan talk about interesting news and developments that have caught their eye over the past couple of weeks such as:

  • The WordPress SEO Plugin on  – Joost talks about the work he has been doing on this and how it is developing
  • Joost does a live launch of the brand new them Frederick and the W3 Edge team have built for Joost talks about exactly how he plans for this new theme to improve conversion rates
  • Tip from Joost: have a look at a great Theme Tester plugin by donncha that he has been using recently
  • Theme frameworks: we open the debate on what a framework is and how it should behave. Will an ideal framework emerge? And should there be one theme framework to rule them all?
  • Should SEO functions reside in a theme or a plugin? Those in our live chat room ask the question ‘are there any conflicts between SEO and frameworks?’

Joost asks Ryan when plan to launch a new theme design, and the pair discuss what could be changed within its current site design – with an SEO perspective on things from Joost.

Picks of the week

  •’s shiny new iPhone app – WPCandy WordPress News
  • The  Edit Flow plugin is incredibly useful for managing and assigning on a multi author site and comes highly recommended by Ryan who himself runs a multi author blog on
  • WordPress SEO Plugin on
  • Theme Tester plugin by donncha allows a blog administrator to test out a new theme before launch whilst your old theme is still live
  • SEO Data Transporter plugin which allows you to easily transfer your inputs SEO data from one theme/plugin to another.
  • Here is the alternative to having to write code when you need to regenerate your thumbnails:  the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin. Bookmark this one!

Joost calls for someone out there to build a replacement plugin for a slider on a front page. There seems to be no single plugin that allows you to determine the order of the slides and that does the simple things really well. Go to and tell Joost what plugin you think he should be using!

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