WordPress Plugin Releases for 10/28

New Plugins

Ponticlaro Media Settings

It has a really nifty [media] shortcode that hacks into the great built-in WordPress gallery.  You can put one [media] in your post and it will access the first image in the gallery without any code.

Table of Contents Creator

Table of Contents Creator (TOCC) automatically generates a dynamic site wide table of contents that is always up-to-date. All entries are navigable making your site extremely SEO friendly. TOCC can be configured to display static pages, blog entries and forum comments. Another great feature of TOCC is the ability to include anchor tags marked with a special class. This feature allows links to articles, downloads or even other sites to appear within the table of contents as if they are part of your site’s navigation.

Posty Widget

Displays the contents of two custom fields in a Sidebar Widget. The widget can stay the same (and in the same place) but the content can be dynamic and set to provide more information about the post you’re looking at.

WP Grins Lite

A “lite” version of the original WP Grins plugin using the lighter-weight jQuery library. This plugin allows smilies to be inserted into your comment form.

Static Random Posts

Allows the display of random posts, but allows the admin to determine how often the random posts are refreshed. With Static Random Posts, the random posts will remain the same for a set amount of time.


Offers an easy to use graphical user interface for Syntax Highlighter and Code Colorizer for WordPress. You can easily enter and modify source-code highlighted in your posts as well as specify options for every single snippet.

Updated Plugins

Twitter Goodies

Twitter Goodies plugin will show your tweets under Sidebar Area (Widget), Post and/or Pages. REFRESH AUTOMATICALLY and you have 5 different Color Option.

AVH First Defense Against Spam

The AVH First Defense Against Spam plugin gives you the ability to block spammers before any content is served. Spammers are identified by checking if the visitors IP exists in a database served by, the Project Honey Pot or a local blacklist.

Yet Another Featured Posts Plugin (YAFPP)

Yet Another Featured Posts Plugin provides an easy interface for featuring and unfeaturing posts.

Page Meta

Adds the ability to override the page meta title and add in meta descriptions and keywords for pages.

Extended Page List

Add custom configured page lists to your posts, pages and sidebar.

Broken Link Checker

This plugin will check your posts, custom fields and the blogroll for broken links and missing images and notify you if any are found.

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