WinRAP Hides Your Running Windows Application, works on Windows 7 [Tool]

WinRAP, which stands for Windows Running Applications Protector, is an open source free tool that allows you to hide any running Windows applications while still keeping them running invisible in the background.

The tool can be downloaded free from its open source project on SourceForge, and is an simple executable file that doesn’t require installation to be run, which means it can be another portable tool adding to your portable device.

How to use it?

To launch the program, simply double-click the downloaded and extracted executable file.


To hide the specific running application, select the application from the top List of running applications and hit Hide button. Once the application gets put in hidden mode, you may notice that the status of the application on the task bar turns to off mode indicating the application is currently not running, but in fact, it’s running in background mode.


To unhide the application, just select the application from List of hidden applications and click Unhide button.

What other features?

You can lock the program in 3 mode, normal mode, tray mode, and stealth mode.


You can also hide all desktop icons, hide all applications, and unhide all hidden applications.


Why do we need it?

There are cases where this little free tool can prove to be useful. However, I will leave that part to our readers as you are the ones who have the wide imagination.

Again, WinRAP can be downloaded here on SorceForge.

Credit goes to 4sysops for sharing this little tip.

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