Windows Live Essential Gets Updated, QFE Released

Windows Live LogoMicrosoft and the Windows Live team has released a quick fix engineering (QFE) update for some programs inside the Windows Live Essentials package.  The update itself is relatively small, and doesn’t bring any UI changes or anything like that.  It’s just a bug fix update.

The update seemed to of gone under everyones radar, except for the guys at, who happened to catch the update.  Everything except Windows Live Mesh and Windows Live Family Safety get the small update, which goes from version 15.4.3502.0922 to the new build Windows Live Essentials 15.4.3508.1109.

  • Windows Live Writer 2011: inability to use the “Alt Gr” key combination to perform some special characters in a French keyboard (like the characters # {~ etc.})
  • Windows Live Mail 2011: addition of the character # at the end of each sending of mails if Internet Explorer 9 is installed
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery: Unwanted, and often inaccurate, GPS coordinates being inserted by WLPG 2011 into the Exif of images that have IPTC location metadata present, but no GPS coordinates currently set.
  • Due to Internet Explorer 9 BETA bug fixes

You can install the update to get all the latest fixes simply by going to and downloading the Windows Live Essentials installer.  Don’t forget to reboot after your done installing everything.  And those of you that prefer the offline installer, you can get that here.  If you notice anything else that’s new, please leave us comment so we know.

[via Live Side]

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