Windows 7 New Features and Tips & Tricks That We’ve Covered in 2009

090As the year 2010 heading in the way, its time to draw a period for 2009. During the last 7 month we have covered some of the best Windows 7 features, Tips & Tricks and How-To. Though, for sure this won’t be the end, as the year 2010 coming and as the site continue to grow I’m sure there will be more expectations from our regular readers, and new comers. We will continue for what we have been doing for the past 7 month, and our only goal is improving from the past and making it better for you. Without you, we won’t be here today to say good bye to 2009 and welcome the new year 2010.

So as of 2009, here are some of the posts that we’ve covered during the year and categorized into different features Windows 7 has offered.


Windows 7 Aero Shake & Snap with Keyboard Shortcut

Aero Shake, Peek, and Snap Your Way in Windows 7 [Features]

[How to] Enable Aero Theme With Remote Desktop and Virtual PC in Windows 7

[Tips] Another Way Display Switch Tab with Aero Peak in Windows 7

Any idea what Aero Stands for?

VMware Player 3.0 Now Can Create Virtual Machines And Support Aero in Windows 7

Taskbar & Jump List

7 Tips on New Taskbar in Windows 7

How to enable classic start menu button on Windows 7

Dive A Little Deep in Jump List plus How to Create your own Customized Jump List

[Tips] How to make your Taskbar in Windows 7 looks like Vista

[Tips] Keyboard Shortcut to run any Taskbar-Docked Application as Administrator

[Tip] Easily Show Computer Name in the Taskbar in 3 Steps in Windows 7

How To Pin Control Panel to Taskbar in Windows 7

[How To] Disable and Enable Task Manager in Windows 7

7stacks Stacks Your Icons on Your Taskbar in Windows 7

How to Bring Back Classic XP Network Blinking Icon in Windows 7

The Unseen Development History of The Windows 7 Taskbar

[Tricks] A Hidden Way to Access Windows 7 Jump List

Windows 7 Rekindle The Use Of Mouse Middle Click


How to Create, Attach a VHD in Windows 7

Native VHD Boot to Windows 7

Native Boot to Windows 7 in VHD from Windows Vista

7 Things about Windows 7 Native Boot VHD

Upgrade Windows 7 in the VHD to A Newer Version is NOT Supported

Windows 7 VHD Native Boot without any Hosting Operation System

[How To] Make Your Own VHD to XP Mode or even Vista Mode Ready

SecurAble Tells What Security Features in Windows 7 are Available on your Computer

Native Boot VHD on a Windows XP Computer

Mouse Right-Click to Attach and Detach VHD Image File in Windows 7

Portlock Leap Frog makes your Windows 7 Native Boot VHD A Lot Easier

Windows XP Mode

Windows XP Mode RC Available to Download on Windows 7 RC and RTM

7+ Things About Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC

How To Tell If Your PC is Ready for Windows XP Mode

[How To] Use Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC in Windows 7

Can I Still Use Virtual PC on A Hardware that Does Not Support Native Virtualization in Windows 7?

Can’t Find Printer Driver For Your 64-bit Windows 7? Try Virtual PC and XP Mode

Using XP Mode Without Windows Virtual PC in Windows 7

Using XP Mode to Watch TV on A Old Hardware That Doesn’t Work in Windows 7

Internet Explore 8

There Is One Thing IE 8 Is Better Than Other Browsers in Windows 7

Another Reason To Use IE 8 – Extended Battery Life for Laptops

Where is the Temporary Internet Files Folder Located in Windows 7?

IE8 SmartScreen Filter Could Save Your Day

Internet Explorer 9 Unveiled on PDC 2009

Search Federations/Open Search

How to create custom Open Search in Windows 7

Open Search Update in Windows 7 RC create search connector

Tweak Windows 7

Download Windows 7 tweak utility to speed up your machine

Tweak-7 is on Public Beta Helping Tweak the Windows 7

5 Amazing Dock application for Windows 7 ultimate tweak

Windows Explorer

Where to Change Folder Options and Folder Types in Windows 7?

How to Change User Profile Default Location in Windows 7

What to do when Windows Explorer is not responding in Windows 7

How to Speed up shutdown time in Windows 7

How to change the default location in Windows Explorer to My Computer in Windows 7

How to show Windows Explorer Title in Windows 7

Tweak Your XP to Make It Looks Like Windows 7

How to change user Account display picture in Windows 7

How to disable recent opened documents or programs in Start Menu Windows 7 tip

How to merge folders in Windows 7

how to restore Live Messenger into notification bar in Windows 7

Where Is Show Desktop Icon in Windows 7?

Common Errors That Cause Windows Blue Screen, aka BSOD, for both Windows 7 & Vista

How To Open Dos Prompt Command Here in Windows 7, and more

Keyboard Shortcut Faster Way to Get to the Address Bar

Screen Saver Taking Longer to Start ? In Windows 7 and Vista

Quickly Resize Icons in Explorer in Windows 7 or Vista

How To Make A Window Stay Always On Top in Windows 7

Quickly Resize Images in Windows 7 and Vista on the Fly

How to Auto Expand Sub-Folders in Explorer just like XP in Windows 7

How To Use Built-in Wizard to Troubleshoot Performance Issues in Windows 7

How to Change Default Library Icon in Windows 7

Flickr Driver Maps Your Flickr Photos To Your Windows Explorer in Windows 7

A List of Those Little Overlay Icons in Windows 7

How to Stop Mouse Wake Up Your Computer

How To Fix Windows 7 Waking Up After Putting Into Sleep

Other New Windows 7 Features, Tips and Tools

Use Problem Step Recorder Tool in Windows 7 to seek for help

Discovering What’s Happening from Resource Monitor in Windows 7

Remote Control and Manage Windows 7 through Remote Desktop Protocol

Zoom In and Out Your Desktop with Windows 7 Magnifier

How To Set Up A VPN Connection in Windows 7

How To Use Biometric Devices Natively in Windows 7

How to Create and Share Themes in Windows 7

How To Get Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7

How To Use Math Input Panel to Create Complex Math Equation

Windows 7 Gives WordPad A New Life

[How To] Use Compatibility Mode in Windows 7

[How to] enable Remote Desktop as Host in Windows 7 and Vista

How to get More Info From Windows Task Manager to Diagnose Your System

[Tips] New iTunes 9 Feature Only in Windows 7

7 New Font Features in Windows 7

Where is Telnet Client Tool in Windows 7?

Application Driven Audio Volume Mixer in Windows 7

Windows 7 ISO Verifier Verifies Your Downloaded Windows 7 ISO

[Tips] Speed Up Taskbar Thumbnail Preview in Windows 7

Using Credential Manager to Manage Passwords in Windows 7

Copy Content From Command Prompt with Clip in Windows 7

Generate System Health Report in Windows 7

How to Enable Multiple Concurrent User in Remote Desktop Windows 7

Sync Time Zones with Additional Clocks in Windows 7

Knowing the Reliability History in your Windows 7

How To Trigger An Action Automatically When Something Goes Wrong in Windows 7

Easily Accessing Built-in Presentation Mode and Mobility Center in Windows 7

How to tell if your Windows 7 is running 64 bit or 32 bit

You can Now Open .hlp Help Files in Windows 7 [Update]

New Windows Experience Index Benchmark in Windows 7

Understanding the Sticky Notes in Windows 7

Sticky Notes Online Syncs Your Notes Across All Your Windows 7 Computer

Native Virtual WiFi Technology in Windows 7 Turns Your Computer to a Hot Spot

Windows 7 has Dolby Digital Plus Built-in To Deliver Next-Generation Surround Sound

Why You Should Not Disable SuperFetch in Windows 7

BitLocker in Question, But Don’t Worry, It’s Still A Foolproof Way of Protecting Sensitive Data

How To Fix Windows 7 Waking Up After Putting Into Sleep

Windows 7 Install / Upgrade / Migrate / Backup

Upgrade to Windows 7 When The Users Profile Is on the Different Partition

Windows 7 Upgrade Chart Unveiled

[How To] Using Easy Transfer to Migrate Data Between XP, Vista, & Windows 7

Upgrading From Windows 7 RC to RTM is Not Supported but This Trick will Help

Complete Guide on How to Install Windows 7 on Any Netbook

Things You Should Do Before and After Install Windows 7

Windows 7 Edition Switcher Easily Changes Your ISO from Home to Ultimate

Creating Bootable Windows 7 Install USB Flash Drive or DVD Using Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

Windows 7 Compatibility Center Launched to Help You Address Compatibility Issue You May Have

Download Retail Windows 7 ISO from Official Website

7 Things You Need To Know About 64-bit Version of Windows 7

Create System repair Disc for Windows 7

[How to] Back up your entire hard drive in Windows 7 using Create a System Image

Improved Easy Transfer Wizard to Back Up Your Data in Windows 7

Backupify Offers Free Unlimited Account Until End of January 2010

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