What is WAVE ID and How to Get Wave ID of your wave?

What is Wave ID?
Ans: Wave ID is unique ID of the Wave which you can use to embed the particular Wave into your Website, Web Page or blog or any thing else.
I have written article on creating public wave and how to embed wave in to website or blog. Here I need to explain how can you get Wave ID which you can use to share your wave on website or blog.
Log in to
Then go to Inbox or All to get list of waves
Click on the wave to open the wave
Once the wave is opened you can get the wave’s unique URL from the address bar which will be similar “!w%252BZZjLgImEV.2”
This URL will end with “!w%252BZZjLgImEV.2” here what ever after “!w%252B” and before dot “.” i.e. “ZZjLgImEV” is the wave id for my wave.
Note: the unique URL can be “!w%252BZZjLgImEV.1” or “!w%252BZZjLgImEV” also i.e. it can end with .1 or .2 or .3 .. Or if it does not have dot “.” at the end then any thing after!w%252B is the wave id.

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