Weblog Tools Collection: Six Apart Acquired by VideoEgg

Six Apart has been acquired by advertising network VideoEgg and merged into the company’s rebrand as SAY Media.

Six Apart is perhaps best known for their self-hosted blogging platform Movable Type and their hosted blogging service TypePad. Though SAY Media will not discontinue these products, it remains to be seen how the advertising network will influence their future.

A former power-house in the blogging industry, Movable Type’s popularity began to falter when Six Apart released version 3 in 2004 with more restrictive licensing. In fact, the Google Trends graphs for Movable Type and WordPress are almost inverse of each other, showing a steady decrease in Movable Type popularity and a steady increase in WordPress popularity beginning at roughly the same time as Movable Type 3′s release.

If you’re unsure about the future of your Movable Type or TypePad blog, now is as good a time as any to move to WordPress as your new self-hosted blogging platform or as your new hosted blogging service. After either installing WordPress or signing up with, go to Tools/Import in your admin panel and select “Movable Type and TypePad.”

What’s your take on this acquisition? Is Six Apart’s legacy safe in the hands of SAY Media (formerly VideoEgg)?

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