Weblog Tools Collection: Do You Have Class?

I have hard time understanding the basis of this article but I wanted to link to it because I know many in the WeblogToolsCollection audience are coders themselves and it would be interesting to see the conversation that arises from Andrew’s post. WordPress coders have no class. At least, that’s what Andrew says in his post that discusses object oriented code being used in a non-object oriented environment.

What do I mean by a non-object oriented environment? Well, firstly WordPress still does not require PHP5 for core code so there are limits to how many of the techniques it can use anyway. Secondly, WordPress has been around for a long time and has been developed by many contributors looking to achieve specific things with each patch without having a particular architecture imposed, except by committee.

WordPress developers tend to start as users who learn PHP in fits-and-starts when they need to accomplish something. They move from echo statements in themes, to functions, to classes, picking up ‘best practices’ as they go.

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