Using Twitter on Nokia E71 and Nokia E71x – Part 1 mobile sites

On Twitter there are lots of queries of how to use Twitter on their Nokia E71 or Nokia E71x.

Mainly there are two ways you can access Twitter on your Nokia E71. The first is web based (from your browser on you Nokia E71) and the other is a third party applications.

Web Based


Twitter2go is a very basic mobile interface to access Twitter. I would not recommend this service thought and the reasons are

  • Unsecure login – Your password is not encrypted. Forget encrypting the password while entering the password you can see the password as asterix are not displayed but your actual password is seen on the screen.
  • Only two functionalities are provided – check your timeline and post updates
  • Very confusing login. The interface acts as if you have been logged in even if you use the wrong credentials.

However the update and status features work perfectly.

Twitter Mobile website

This is the official mobile interface for the Twitter mobile website.

The interface of the mobile version of Twitter is nice and clean. Some of the features are

  • The interface is clean
  • Better functionality as compared to other web based twitter services.
  • You can see your timeline, view your profile, see those people whom you follow and also view the public timeline.

If you want to use the web interface for accessing Twitter on your Nokia E71 this is the resource to go in for.    


Twapper which lets you keep up with twitter on your mobile phone brower. You can access the twitter updates for any tweeter using the URL eg. Twapper has built in image support for flickr! Yes, you can now photo share via twitter by including any flickr photo page as a link in your twitter post.

A new version has been rolled out Twapper 2.0b with some additional features and they are

  • Twapper lets you roll your own "twitter groups" so you can bookmark and track sets of people (in this case, you’d get a bunch of incredibly verbose twitter zealots!) — yes TWITTER GROUPS. For example
  • links to flickr photo pages display images
  • If you register yourself on 30 boxes then you can also post updates to twitter through Twapper.
  • Twapper also lets you direct message someone when you are looking at "just so-and-so" 

In the end Twapper has some good features but the downside it that it does not provide you the full functionality of Twitter.


If you want to use all the features of Twitter on your Nokia E71 and you want to use the browser only the Twitter Mobile site is the best option. Personally I would go in for a mix of Twitter Mobile and Twapper.

Please share your thoughts on the web based mobile Twitter applications. If you know of a service which should have been included please post a comment and I will try and review it.

Next I will be reviewing the third party applications that can be used on the Nokia E71 to access and manage your Twitter account.

PS: Sorry for not adding screenshots. I like to take actual screenshots on my E71 whenever I post them on the blog. I have taken the screenshots but they need to be edited. I will be adding screenshots to the post tomorrow.

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