Unlock iPhone Baseband

Before I start YOU MUST HAVE AN IPHONE 3G WITH A 5.08 BOOTLOADER OR OLDER! This will work with only an iPhone 3g with Bootloader 5.08 and it will continue to work for the duration of your iphone 3g life. Follow my 19 step Process and Viola Your iPhone 3g will be unlocked Step 1- Download redsn0w 0.9.2 ( Step 2- download RecBoot (google it) Step 3- Download iOS firmware 3.1.2 for your 3g (google it) Step 4- Power On your iPhone and connect to your PC Step 5- Enter DFU MODE (press and hold BOTH Home and Power for 10 seconds, release power whilst STILL holding home button for additional 8 seconds) Step 6- Open iTunes Step7- Once in iTunes while pressing SHIFT KEY, click on RESTORE A window should pop up Step8- while in the open window find and open the firmware that you downloaded Step9- Let iTunes do it’s thing and you should see your device reboot and a progress bar moving IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE PROGRESS BAR MOVING ON YOUR DEVICE BEFORE THE ERROR WINDOW POPS UP THEN YOU DID NOT CORRECTLY ENTER DFU MODE. No worries Just unplug your device and go back to step 4 Step 10- Click the ok on the error window that poped up Step 11- Open RecBoot and click EXIT RECOVERY MODE and let it do it’s thing Step 12- Open redsn0w 0.9.2 Step 13- Click the browse tab and locate the exact same 3.1.2 firmware you used in the restore process Step 14- Click next, mark the tab for Cydia,( you can also do a custom boot logo by modifying any picture to less than 100kb and saving it as a PNG

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