Track Santa with Norad via Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps or Google Earth

This Christmas children can follow Santa on his superhuman effort to provide the world with presents via Twitter and Facebook thanks to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad).

This isn’t just a result of heightened national security, Norad has actually been tracking Santa for 50 years now, and this year the project is taking to Twitter, Faceboook, Google Maps and Google Earth.

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According to the Norad website, St Nick’s journey started at 1100 GMT in Russia and he is now making his way across the globe.

In the course of his journey Father Christmas will pass a series of 24 “Santa cams” around the world that children and parents can tune in to.

According to Norad the tracking system is based on the infrared signature given off by Rudolph’s nose, which is similar to a missile launch. Let’s hope he doesn’t reignite the cold war with that nose then.

To follow Santa visit the Norad website and any questions about Santa’s journey can be sent to Norad volunteers at [email protected]

Link: Norad (via BBC)

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