Nokia Backup restore Files on PC With Nokia NBU Explorer

Nokia PC Suite and Ovi Suite are two applications every Nokia mobile phone users usually used for connecting their device to a computer. One of the main uses of these applications is to backup contents of the phone to a PC, so that it can be restored later easily. But, these backup files cannot be accessed or read directly on your PC. Nokia NBU Explorer will do that for you.

Nokia NBU Explorer is an easy to use, free, portable application for Windows that enables you to access and back up your Nokia mobile phone contents (contacts, messages and other) to your PC.
These backup files are stored with an .nbu extension and you can read the contents of the back-up files on your PC directly.

Nokia NBU Explorer can be downloaded (89Kb) from here. For Windows XP, Microsoft.Net Framework 2 is required for running the application. [via -ghacks]

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