How to Turn Your Android Phone into a Document Scanner – CamScanner

The operation of CamScanner is very simple:

  1. Run the app and take picture of a document with your Android phone camera.
  2. Adjust the size of the image or choose which area you should need to process by dragging the edge.
  3. You can also link-up several scanned documents to form a single document (limited in free version).
  4. The program will automatically convert to a single PDF document (it also keeps the original image).
  5. Finally, you can upload the PDF document to Google Docs, or Dropbox or send via email from your phone or PC.

Conclusion: The result was quite good when I tested it with a 5MP camera phone. You can download CamScanner at Android Market free.

CamScanner is a free Android app that turns your phone into an easy to use document scanner and PDF converter. You can scan any document and convert them into PDF files, which can be uploaded to Google Doc, Drop box, or email them in one click.CanScanner

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