How to Send Free SMS Text Messages Indiatimes Chikka Messenger

Chikka Messenger is the first two-way PC-to-mobile instant messaging client. Chikka Messenger provides free instant messaging to online friends and to mobile phone users. Chikka is brought to India by

Send Free SMS

chikkaUse the Chikka Messenger to send text messages directly to mobiles around the world. When your friend receive a reply, they can simply hit reply to send messages directly back to your computer. Chikka Messenger supports up to 320-character long SMS messages.

Mobile Message Forwarding: If you register your mobile number as your Chikka ID, messages sent to you – both SMS and instant messages – follow you to your phone when you are away or logged off.

Now you can add your Google Talk buddies to Chikka. That means, you can even receive incoming Google Talk messages on your mobile when you’re away from your PC.

Download Indiatimes Chikka Messenger. To use the Chikka Messenger, you need to register with your mobile number.

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