100000 Subscribers (Get Some Box – Contest)

It’s been a fabulous experience for me on YouTube and I’d like to thank ALL of my subscribers for your support. Without you this video wouldn’t be possible. The contest results video is here: www.youtube.com Contest details: To enter the contest, comment on this video as many times as you like. Ten winners will be chosen at random to receive the new Get Some Box. The contest will end when this video reaches 100000 views -OR- 30 days after this video is uploaded, whichever comes first. Prizes are shipped to anywhere in the world. Good luck to ALL. …..GET SOME….. Follow the Links below: Giant Waterfall Jump: www.youtube.com Bottle Cap Trick: www.youtube.com How to Shoot a Plastic Bottle Cap: www.youtube.com Rattlesnake Eggs Reaction: www.youtube.com Ring & Chain Trick (Revealed) : www.youtube.com Floating Coins: www.youtube.com MissHannahMinx in the Candy Store: www.youtube.com Thanks for Watching !

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