The Weekly Roundup #17: here are what you might have missed

Here is what’s happening at W7H for the past 2 week.

Tools Roundup:

Rainbow Folders Colors Your Windows 7 Folder for Easy Identification

How To Control Two Computer With One Keyboard and Mouse

How To Fine Out Frame Rate, Take in-game Screenshots and Videos In Any Game

Backupify Offers Free Unlimited Account Until End of January 2010

Customize Windows 7 Screensavers with the Help from System Screensavers Tweaker [Tool]

Windows 7 Codecs is An All-in-One FREE Codec Package for Windows 7 [Tool]

HWMonitor Monitors Temperatures for Many Hardware Components [Tool]

How-To Roundup:

How To Control Two Computer With One Keyboard and Mouse

How To Enable Check Boxes for Selecting Multiple Items in Windows 7

How To Fix Windows 7 Waking Up After Putting Into Sleep

How To Remote Shutdown Windows 7

Security Roundup:

Official Virus Scanning Recommendations for Windows 7 from Microsoft

Tips & Tricks Roundup:

Get Google Chrome OS Style App Tab In Firefox

Misc. Roundup:

A Day in the Internet

Now Mac Also Gets Snap Feature Like Windows 7, with the help from Cinch

Top 2009 Posts From Windows 7 Hacker

Four New Official Windows 7 Themes from Microsoft Personalization Gallery

"I’M A Windows 7 PC” Desktop Theme Download

No Supporting Custom XML Feature in Microsoft Office 2007, Starting Jan 11, 2010

Celebrating the New Year with A New Windows 7 Theme

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