Teufel Motiv 2 review

If you work at home, the chances are you listen to music through headphones or your laptop or PC’s built-in speakers. To get the most from your tunes, why not invest in some dedicated speakers, there are some incredibly stylish and compact offerings available.


German manufacturer Teufel’s 2.1 desktop speaker system is comprised of two fairly small domed satellites measuring 120x175x110, and one fairly enormous subwoofer measuring 320x370x320mm and weighing 12kg. Suffice to say you’ll need a similarly enormous desk to tuck it under if you want to minimise its impact on your room. Apart from that, the Teufel Motiv 2 is a handsome, if (relatively speaking) sober-looking desktop speaker solution. It also happens to be available in the colour previously known as ‘Apple White’ as well as bog-standard black.


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Teufel Motiv 2: Connections and build


There are three inputs available – PC, MP3 and Aux-in – as well as a handy headphone-out jack. Not quite so handy, however, is the fact that the sockets themselves are all placed on the backside of the sub, so depending on where you’ve positioned the unit, they may be somewhat awkward to access.


Volume control is also offered; indeed it’s possible to alter the volume of the sub and the sats independently of each other in order to get the system sounding just right. Once again, the controls themselves are on the subwoofer, however a supplied remote control handset means that you don’t have to go ferreting around on the floor every time you want to pump up the volume.


Both the satellites and the subwoofer are magnetically shielded, protecting them against interference from any monitors, external hard drives or large hadron colliders that you might have on your desktop. A pair of brackets is provided for those who want to wall mount the sats.


Speaker connections are of the solid screw grip variety normally seen on hi-fi equipment. So, while the speaker cables provided are perfectly adequate, the potential is there for an easy upgrade to something a bit more substantial if required.


Teufel Motiv 2: Sound quality


As you might expect from a system with a 100 watt subwoofer the size of a small stately home, the Motiv 2 has definitely got it where it counts, bass-wise. But unlike many sub-based setups, this extra oomph doesn’t come at the expense of the middle ground. Here the rich bass is matched by equally warm, full-sounding mid-tones and crystal clear treble from the 50Watt satellites. Stereo music is beautifully separated with individual instruments coming to life in a way you may not have noticed before even on familiar tunes. Movie and game soundtracks – though not ‘true’ 5.1 surround – sound suitably big and all-encompassing. The Motiv 2 is also available with an the iTeufel dock for connecting an iPod.

Considering that the cost of high-end desktop speakers and professional-grade monitors can reach up to a grand and beyond, Teufel’s system isn’t badly priced, either.


Link: Teufel

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