TrippingFest 2 – Drawing and Sketching Lite –

TrippingFest 2 - Drawing and Sketching Lite artwork

TrippingFest 2 – Drawing and Sketching Lite

Genre: Entertainment

Price: Free

Release Date: January 06, 2010

Draw like you have never drawn before. Draw lots of patterns really fast.

-Optical Illusions
-Actually Good Multitouch support
-3D drawings
-Symmetry-based drawing
-Flexible Coloring
-General purpose drawing

Come join us at the TrippingFest Facebook group and share your drawings!

How to draw the screenshots:
1. Turn on all the classic mirrors. Choose Color Mixing->Glass or Shadow Dream
2. Hint: ranged random colors + polar mirroring
3. Polar mirroring + Patterns->Target Circle + two steady fingers rotating around the center of the screen
4. Hint: Turn off "All mirrors have same color" and choose "Random Every Touch"
5. Hint: Gradient Colors + Target Circles

© Forrest Heller 2009

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