Space Battle Arena 1.1

Multi-player online network arena game, in a far away galaxy.

About Space Battle Arena
Teleport into a far-away planet to do battle in an awesome deep space arena. Players from all over Earth and other Intergalactic Gaming League(TM) aligned planets can enter to battle together. Choose your battle vehicle from a selection of space ships, tanks, jeeps, helicopters and drop-ships. Your weapons include a selection of conventional machine guns, rockets or an electro-shock cannon. Dodge or blast the aliens and their advanced lasers to save your home planet. Human vs Human games allow you to battle in teams of 1 to 4 players: invite your friends, obliterate your enemies! Chat online with other human players.

There are many arenas from solar systems all over the galaxy to choose from. View the battle from within the cockpit or from outside your vehicle. You can teleport to any part of the arena to get a tactical advantage over the enemy. Battle against your friends to dominate the arena. Fly or drive over the hills and valleys to hunt down hiding aliens. Beginner arenas can be played by anyone, but elite arenas are locked: you need to prove your skill by killing enemies to unlock them. Dominate them all to conquer the universe.

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