Que 1.0

Vocabulary learning tool: memorizing and recalling words from foreign languages made simple.

About Que
It’s really easy to memorize and recall words just when you start learning new language, but imagine how hard could it be to recall words which you learned months ago? The solution is to constantly train and recall all words you learned. Que allows you to store words from various languages and tests your knowledge, which if done systematically will make learning and recalling vocabulary easier.

Que has a friendly, lightweight user interface with English and Polish translations available. It focuses on key features and does them well. To start add dictionary and specify facultative words for every language. You can easily add synonyms for words and translation using commas. Groups words into categories (example: lessons) via drag and drop. Take a quiz to test your knowledge: chose from seven different test categories like “New words”, “Difficult words”, specific lessons and more. Review your results and repeat wrong answers.

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