Merlin Server 2.7.8

Project management server for Merlin.

About Merlin Server
Enables collaborative project management by delivering Merlin projects across a network to other Merlin users, to the iPhone or iPod touch, or even to a web browser for non-Mac users. Merlin Server centralizes all Merlin projects in one, convenient location and allows you to quickly and easily share them without having to startup the Merlin application; it’s all tightly-integrated with Mac OS X and configurable using the system preference pane.

Here are just a few of the key feature highlights you’ll find in Merlin Server:

– Publishes projects automatically from one, centralized location

– Tightly integrated with Mac OS X and easily configurable using the system preference pane

– Enables optional access to Merlin projects for the Apple iPhone or iPod touch

– Many more features.

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