Martini 1.0

Create dynamic shots, scenes and storyboards right inside your copy of Final Cut Pro.

About Martini
Packed with stylish shots, amazing locations and great-looking actors ready to help you bridge the gap between what has been shot and what has yet to be completed. No more slugs, no more wondering what’s next…get closer to completing your final edit by composing that Final Shot using Martini.

– Martini comes with hundres of pre-designed, pre-laid out shots for you to choose from.

– Packed with locations and backdrops so Martini can develop a shot no matter your location.

– Import your own digital photos to be used as scene locations.

– Use Martini’s great looking, pre-drawn actors to populate each shot.

– Create subtitles and shot descriptions inside of any frame.

– Zoom in and zoom out of every object in your shot.

– Create instant sequences and export them to Final Cut Pro or into StoryBoard Quick.

– and much more!

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