iconXprit 2.1.1

Make folders expressive and enjoyable with color, text and combined images.

About iconXprit
A background service program for OS X 10.6 Finder. With three sorts of add-ons – image, color and text – which can be added as layers and removed separately, iconXprit makes it easy to explicate desktop items (such as folders) as well as to bring individual flavors.

The editor panel contains various tools to edit composite images in details (e.g. resize, locate, transform, effects, text, clip & multiple images). Edit-settings can be saved as templates accessible from the service menu. The panel also provides a possibility to organize favorites or to keep items whose icons are frequently modified. You can define group colors to use repeatedly or can attach any color freely. Strings added via the text panel are Spotlight-compatible and editable when you reopen the panel.

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