HotSale 1.2.6

Manage invoicing, booking/quotation, rental, service sale, miscellaneous sale and purchase order in easy way.

About HotSalePOS
A point of sale, rent, service and inventory control system. It keeps track of all your sales, customers, inventory, purchase orders, Booking(Reserve)/Quotation, and more. It’s got all the features you’ll need to manage your retail and rental business packaged in an easy to use and intuitive design. HotSale POS is the best suit for small office home office(SOHO). Low price of POS system with sufficient function for retail, rent or service business is good for the people who want to start their new business.

– HotSale POS is very user friendly and is very simple to access it. You only need little training to use the system.

– Easy manage rental item in and out

– Many more features.

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