Dioretsa 2.18

A tabbed pdf viewer.

About Dioretsa
A pdf viewer that manages pdf files with tabs (Tabbed PDF Viewer). When you click a tab, Dioretsa shows contents of PDF document corresponding to the tab. If you select another tab when you have read PDF document and select that tab again, you can read PDF document from the page you read last.

– The name of pdf file would be shown in the tab and window title.

– It can select tab by tab-list, search a word from search box and show outline of pdf file smoothly by using Dioretsa.

– In addition, view in full screen, show current pdf file in Finder and move among tabs are available. Since version 2.15, you can select whether Dioretsa will show outline at preference setting. Moreover you can drag and drop pdf files to Dioretsa to open pdf files and select whether Dioretsa in full screen would be hidden when Dioretsa is deactive.

– Many more features.

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