Density Granular Synthesis 1.1.5

Density granular synthesis.

About Density Granular Synthesis
Density granular synthesis.

– eight granular sreams simultaleously .loading up to 12 sound-files (aiff,wav,mp3) for each stream (96 tot.)

– wave-pad scrub, wrap-around selection, trim, normalize draw, etc… .wavepad grid quantize: zero-crossing, bpm, phase and samples .buffer windows (resizable) fine scrub explorations .envelope/windowing menage up to 12 pre-generated shape (prototypes)
– .envelope/windowing loading and menage up to 12 sound-files (aiff,wav,mp3) .dynamic envelope buffer load/save, normalize, trim, resize length etc…

– main mixer 8 channels + 1 master, solo/mute and VST slots .multichannels I/O mapping .quick-record export master channel and/or multichannel file streams, progressive file autoname, select
directory and re-sampling/quantize out file .snapshots (presets) memory: up to 100 for each stream and 10 for the main mixer and global snapshots.

– Many more features

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