ZTE Skate aka Orange Monte Carlo – merimobiles.com 3G HSDPA medion life P4310 98910 ColonelZap

Available here: tinyurl.com Come visit: www.chinamobiles.org TheBEST forum when it comes to all sorts of Chinese and Non-Chinese phones. We discuss all sorts of clones , the ciphone , sciphone, i9 , hiphone , pinphone , v709 , all 3GS phones , apad , ePad , T5355 , T5353 , android phones , i68 , smart phones , dualsim phones , cect phones , windows mobile phones , zaPhone , google phones. Other models like Meizu M8 , Nokia , Sony Ericsson , Galaxy , i9000, Meizu M9, HTC and of course the Apple iPhone 3G 4 are welcome, too. Firmware flashing , android , fw modding , MMS , GPS , GPRS , WAP , WLAN , WIFI , UMTS , internet settings and setups are also just some of the concerns you may want to discuss on our forum.

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