Xperia X10: Flashing Wolf’s Tweaked v2.3 Gingerbread Firmware

This video shows how to install Wolf’s custom firmware built around the recently released official Gingerbread v2.3 update using xRecovery. Wolf has tweaked the firmware and added additional features such as the Mobile BRAVIA Engine from the Xperia arc, SD Card tweaks, etc. ALL features and hardware functionality WORK. This works on ANY rooted X10 (i or a) and the video shows all the steps from flashing a clean v2.1 to rooting to installing xRecovery and installing the custom ROM. If you ALREADY have xRecovery working, you do NOT need to flash down to v2.1. Just boot into xRecovery and install the custom ZIP. You can also root the stock (official) v2.3.3 by following the instructions in this thread: ALWAYS backup all your data, SMS, etc. before modifying your phone. Backup & Restore from v2.1 works on v2.3: Original thread: If anything goes wrong, use PC Companion, Update Service, or the FlashTool to flash the phone back to stock and start over. The instructions are similar to this XDA thread: As always, _both_ PC Companion and Update Service MUST be installed. PC Companion: Update Service: Various Android applications, Sony Ericsson software (mirror), and other useful programs: APN Settings (3G/3.5G/H Internet) for Rogers, AT&T: Benchmarks comparing the stock v2.3.3 and Wolf’s tweak ROM: Wolf’s Tweaked Gingerbread ROM: forum.xda

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