Unroot & Restore T-Mobile LG G2x to Stock Settings – Stock Data, Stock Recovery, Unroot

This video shows how to restore your T-Mobile G2x back to stock settings. This is helpful if you need to send it back to T-Mobile with your warranty still intact. Let me know if you have any questions! 1) Install stock backup 2) Restore stock recovery image (replace ClockworkMod Recovery Image) 3) Unroot This video assumes: – You have SuperOneClick – You flashed ClockworkMod Recovery (the real way) – You have One-Click-G2x-recovery-flash – Your phone is rooted – You have a custom rom installed (CM7 for example) Link to Stock Data Backup: (No Longer Working) www.megaupload.com (Use This Instead) bit.ly Place this zip on the SD card. In ClockworkMod Recovery choose ‘Install zip from sd card’ — Blog: davejudd.com

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