Tutorial PSP: HEN Easy Installer PSP Slim/3000, & Phat “Custom Firmware” ChickHEN + Technique

So What Came First?, The ChickHEN Or The Eggsploit? The Eggsploit. Psp 3000/Slim And Phat Hen (Homebrew Enabler) R2, Easy Installer! This is made Possible By The Exploit Called, Easter Eggsploit, Found in .tiff Images by Matiaz. And Davee The Maker Of The HEN (ChickHEN) Thank You! You Just Click And Done! No Need To Copy any files anywhere or even download them. just one easy program: Download The HEN Easy Installer Here: Slim/3000: downloads.exophase.com Phat: downloads.exophase.com If on psp 3000 or 2000 and want to play iso,cso and psx (aka Custom Firmware) just dowload this and follow the instuctions on the readme! M33: (I prefer this one)-V. 3.50 dl.qj.net GEN: dl.qj.net If Your Firmware is Lower Than 5.03, Ex. 5.02, 5.00 3.71 Etc., Then Install This Update As You Would With Any Other Update: To Install Download This: rapidshare.com When Downloaded, Rename From 503.PBP, To EBOOT.PBP Make a folder in the GAME folder Within The PSP folder on your psp memorystick, Called UPDATE Place The File That You Renamed EBOOT.PBP In The UPDATE Folder. Go To the GAME section on Your PSP and run it! *************************************************************** Homebrew Compatability List For HEN! All Of These Can Be Found By Searching Here: dl.qj.net Heres The List: NesterJ [1.11]: NES Games On The PSP DGEN [1.70 Lite]: Sega Genesis And Some Other Sega Platforms Master Boy [2.02]: GBC,GB, Sega Master System Emulator gpSP [?]: Game Boy Advance Games On The PSP Daedalus X64 [Beta 2

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