Rooted Sprint Evo Running Custom Rom called Finisher evolution-Remix

UPDATE* THOSE WHO WANT TO USE THIS ROM AND STILL HAVE FROYO THERE IS A FROYO VERSION OF THIS HERE: I recently rooted my Evo once simplr Root released thr OTA edition. Once I rooted it I looked for a custom rom that I hadn’t seen before and this is what I found. It is a unique rom that you will either absolutely love or hate. I like it and wanted to share. Since I love Htc sense roms this one was perfect for me. it is called finisher evolution by Magnus Ragnarok. A lot of people complain that it is too much, but most of the other roms out their are the same as stock in design and why would I want too waste my time flashing a rom that looks like my stock rom. I like to shake things up. anyway if you like it too then here’s the download. Tell me what you think: **Here is the link for the vanilla lockscreen:

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