Root & Install Ice Cream Sandwich On The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant No Computer Needed

more videos at Note: If you already did updates on this Phone using Samsung Kies it will not work. Your gonna have to go back to complete stock using Odin 1.3 if that’s the case watch my video on how to go back to complete stock first then try this again. *******************DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU MESS UP IT’S ON YOU NOT ME************ ******IF YOU GET BOOT LOOPS AFTER INSTALLING IT THEN TAKE OUT THE BATTERY AND PUT IT BACK IN AND SEE IF THAT WORKS IF NOT THEN REINSTALL IT AGAIN OVER THE ONE YOU JUST DID AND RESTART IT****** NOTE ABOUT ASTRO: THE APP HAS BEING UPDATED THE METHOD STILL WORKS YOU JUST NEED TO LONG PRESS HIT COPY THEN HIT HOME THEN HIT PASTE AT THE TOP LEFT. *******SOME PEOPLE HAVE REPORTED THAT IF THE PHONE BOOT LOOPS AT START UP TAKING OUT THE BATTERY OUT AND TAKING OUT THE SD CARD THEN BOOTING THE PHONE BACK UP AND PUTTING THE SD CARD BACK IN RIGHT BEFORE THE PHONE FINISHED BOOTING FIXED THE BOOT LOOP****** *********IN CASE YOU GET STUCK WATCH MY ODIN VIDEO OR WATCH IT BEFORE DOING THIS EITHER WAY WATCH IT TO BE SAFE*************** Root & Install Ice Cream Sandwich Passion Custom Rom On The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant EASY! No Computer Needed No Cables No Programs In Less Then 20 Minutes. Download All The Following Files Directly Into Your Phone & Follow The Directions Step By Step On The Video Astro File Manager Free App From The Android Market: Clockwork Recovery: Gingerbread Rom CM7: goo-inside

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