Root Galaxy S i9000 and install a custom rom

In this video I decided to root and apply a custom rom (Darky’s V9.3 Extreme Edition) This video runs from start to finish in real time and is shot without any pausing of the tape demonstrating how quickly you can root the Galaxy S and apply a custom theme. This will show you exactly how long a typical custom rom takes to install and load up on your phone if you have the files required already stored on your computer. The firmware installed on the phone used in the making of this video was Froyo 2.2.1 JPY. If your going to use CF-Root to root your device then please remember to use the correct version suited to your current firmware installed on your phone. I hope you find my video useful! Download locations CF-Root ( – Choose the correct zip file to match your firmware! Darky’s V9.3 Extreme Edition ( Firmware + Odin ( 7-Zip ( Darkys 10.1 Extreme Edition Darkys 10.2 Resurrection Zip Darky 10.2.2 Extreme Edition

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