PSP 3000 Hack!!! ChickHenR2 (WORKS ON FIRST TRY)

Follow me on Twitter: **NEW VIDEO** How to hack ANY psp and install CFW 6.35 (Custom Firmware) PSP 1000,2000,3000, and the GO Download: *LINK CHANGE* Cfw on psp 3000: ———————————————————— Game Boy Advanced Emulator Reguested By: NerdboyGamer Link: ———————————————————— Why flashing messes up your chickhen: This is my theory why this happens. When you flash Example: your waves chickhen will no longer work. Why? Chickhen runs on the psp’s ram when you go to run the exploit the psp dosent have the required,enough, or programed to use for the exploit to work. And thats why i cant run homebrew on my 3000 anymore. Davee pls make R3 run on 5.50!!!! If what i posted right here isnt right or you have another theory please send me a private message.

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