Prince of Persia: Revelations PSP Gameboot

Please comment, rate and subscribe! 🙂 If you have any questions about anything PSP-related, feel free to ask. Three slashes and blood gameboot for PSP ripped from a PoP:R UMD. You can get this to your handheld too. Google for it. EDIT: After a very flooded inbox full of messages asking about this, I’m going to explain this to you some more. This does not work on official Sony firmwares (except 1.50, but it isn’t so safe.) You need custom firmware to do this, and to get custom firmware you need a thing called Pandora’s Battery. You should be able to find LOTS of info here: just scroll down a bit to the custom firmware/Pandora section. Remember, if you do not own the Prince of Persia Revelations UMD, I cannot link you to the file you need. You need to find it by Googling or just buy the game (it’s pretty good.)

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