Pokémon Ruby Destiny on PSP

READ FOR DOWNLOADS This was originally me wanting to show that I put Pokémon Ruby Destiny on my PSP but then someone asked me to upload the files. Download Pokémon Ruby Destiny here: www.megaupload.com Download gpSP here: www.megaupload.com Put the gpSP and gpSP% folders into the GAME folder on your PSP. Then just put the file Pokemon_Ruby_Destiny_-_Reign_of_legends.gba into the gpSP folder and you’re done. If a notice comes up with ‘corrupt data’ or whatever it’s probably because you don’t have custom firmware. Maybe more recent versions of gpSP have been released, I don’t know. All I know is the version I’ve provided works with 3.80 M33-5, but as far as I know it should work on ANY custom firmware 🙂 if it doesn’t, find another Gameboy Advance emulator.

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