Playing Left 4 Dead 2 on PSP using PSPdisp

READ THIS BEFORE POSTING COMMENTS: PSPdisp is homebrew, created by pointerofinterest ( that displays the pc monitor on the psp and maps the keyboard and mouse to the psp’s controls via wifi (useful when you’re in the can) or usb. Also it turns the psp into a 2nd monitor for non-gaming purposes. Custom Firmware (CFW) is needed for it to work on the PSP. Any lag you see is caused from a weak wi-fi connection. The router and my pc are far from each other, plus the router is old. Download PSPdisp here: Remember it works only on PSP that has CFW, such as 5.00 M33-6. If your pc lags with this game, don’t expect it to run any better on psp, because all this program does is transfer the game’s images from pc to the psp; making the pc work harder. My custom control file:

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