Play iso/cso games on psp 2000v3/3000, Install a custom firmware on psp 2000v3/3000

**EDIT** Sorry i forgot to mension in description that you need chickhen to install the custom firmware so launch chickhen first ;)** DOWNLOAD THIS BEFORE WATCHING VID : Follow the vid and everything will be fine. OMG?! wtfisthis? With this custom firmware you will be able to run iso games, psx games, access to recovery menu and activate in-game plugins and much more stuffs like a normal custom firmware but when you turn off your psp you have to launch it back but it only take 1 minute πŸ˜› USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK Please, dont be stupid and dont tuch the Flash of your psp 2000 ta88-v3/3000 or you will brick it and it will be good for junk πŸ˜‰ Thnx for rating and Subscribe! Its not that hard click on that subscribe button πŸ˜› 99.99% Credits to the PSPGEN team 0.01% credits to me because i made a tutorial.

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