New Super Mario Bros. Wii – How to make Custom Stages

This is a tutorial for NSMBW on how to make, edit, and play custom stages. It works with ALL versions of the Wii. You must have the Homebrew Channel in order to do this. How to install the Homebrew Channel: – Firmware versions 3.X – 4.2: or read the written tutorial here: – Firmware version 4.3 use: Downloads: 1. Riivolution – 2. Reggie Dumper – 3. Reggie! Level editor: Windows: Mac: Linux: 4. NSMBW XML Template – (Right-click link, save link as..) —————————— Special Thanks: Nitroreaction for voice and Wii part of the tutorial: —————————— Other Useful Links: – NSMBW Custom Stages Depot: – Tanooki NSMBW save editor: – Riivolution Main Site:

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