MHP2G Monster HP Hack

THIS WILL ONLY WORK FOR MHP2G Download this file ^^ This is a guide showing you how you can display the monsters HP in Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. You do need custom firmware for this.(you need ATLEAST 3.71 m33-1 for this to work) This is the only cheat i use on this game and is the only cheat i have included in the database for MHP2G. High Quality I have tested this on 3.71m33-4 and it works perfect,i don’t know if it will work for lower firmwares. NOTE: I don’t know if its different for yee when you download the file but mine has seplugins and another seplugins within it,(i think its where you place the file on your computer or something),anyways if there is two seplugins its the seplugins that contains ‘cwcheat,conf.bin,game,game150,pops’ that you copy to your PSP

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