Jailbreak 3.1 Firmware iPhone + 3G & iPod Touch windows or mac!

*****Simply download your necessary firmware, put device in dfu mode, and restore with the custom firmware you downloaded******** The OFFICIAL iDZ REPO: repo.iphonedesignz.com LINKS!!!!! First Gen iPhone Unlocked and jailbroken: myurlz.com Unlocked and jailbroken (pwnapple logo): myurlz.com JUST JAILBROKEN: myurlz.com JUST JAILBROKEN (pwnapple logo): myurlz.com 3g iPhone: JAILBROKEN: myurlz.com JAILBROKEN (pwnapple logo): myurlz.com iPod Touch: JAILBROKEN: myurlz.com DFU MODE + OTHER Jailbreak method (mac): myurlz.com WEBSITE: iphonedesignz.com twitter myurlz.com URL Shortener: myurlz.com

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