iPad Clone – aPad Demonstration Part 1 – First Impressions

I’ll be doing a number of videos on the aPad aka iPed aka Moonse e7001. This is Part One, which is my first impressions of the gadget. RockChip CPU aPad 7″ Personal suggestion: Amazon’s Kindle Fire – 7″ multitouch tablet! Here’s the Playlist for all of my aPad videos: Before you can really enjoy this tablet, I would suggest updating the firmware using one of the custom firmwares from I’m actually going to make that tutorial in my next video. The benefits of installing the custom firmware is worth it. The user interface has a faster response, there are various app compability fixes, as well as portrait and landscape fixes, and the battery life is noticeably longer. The overall user experience is just better on the custom firmware. My following videos on the aPad will be more focused on reviewing the tablet. I won’t showcase apps until the next video (which will have a better firmware). It will also include tips and tutorials on how to make the aPad experience as good as an iPad’s. Subscribe and watch my following videos on the aPad. Follow me on these sites: Subscribe to me on YouTube Blogger: JaymarkTech Twitter Facebook – Search: JaymarkTech Thank you!

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