hunter helicopter in gta lcs for psp

I AM NOT THE CREATOR OF THIS AND I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIX IT IF IT DOESN’T WORK! TRY DOWNLOADING AGAIN OR DOWNGRADE YOUR FIRMWARE OR USE CUSTOM FIRMWARE! links 1. Download the file 2. Unzip the file 3. Copy the folder named ULUS10041S4 into your psp’s savedata folder and if prompted overwrite any exsisting files. *WARNING will delete 1 of your save data files if asked to overwrite so make a backup to be safe* 4.Once thats done disconnect your psp and start GTA. 5.Open the saved game and have fun! Cool things you can do in this save game that i over looked. 1.Use machine gun on helicopter by pressing x+[] 2.Get on the bike at your staunton island garage and you can drive UNDER water without drowning.*there are some cool places underwater if you just explore* UPDATE the vehicles arent completely invincible tanks can still destroy them and w/ the exception of the motorcycle in your staunton garage driving in water will still destroy the vehicle.

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