HTC Inspire 4G AT&T Simple Root

**NEW DESCRIPTION** “hey guys i just DOWNGRADED my Inspire from 2.3.3 to 2.2 just google “TEMP-ROOT ANY Gingerbread build and downgrade to 1.32.405.6″ without quotes of course and then you can just flash to a 2.3.3 ROM without losing your Root enjoy :)” — Thanks to lockoutpmp Flashing a custom rom: Link to the Simple Root Program: PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I HAD TO EDIT THIS VIDEO TO MAKE IT UNDER YOUTUBE’S 15MIN LIMIT ON VIDEOS. THIS PROCESS WILL TAKE LONGER THAN THIS VIDEO SHOWS. SO IF THE PROCESS SEEMS TO *STALL* ON A CERTAIN PROCESS, JUST WAIT! IT WILL GO THROUGH. DON’T ABANDON MID-PROCESS. Disclaimer: You take the risk of voiding your warranty by rooting your phone, and also assume the risk of breaking your phone beyond repair. This video is for educational purposes only and I, nor the creator of this program, can or will be held responsible for any/all damage from using this process. So this is the first *REAL* Video Tutorial I have ever done. I apologize for the poor camera quality, and the poor editing quality. I hope to get more experienced with video tutorials, and provide better quality videos.

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