HTC HD2 Leo Valkyrie Firestorm 23112-21897-21646 T-Mobile Custom 6.5.5 Rom

I would like to thank Scott8813 from smartphonejunkie for the great intro to all my videos from this point out! i would also like to thank agent47 from xda-developers for this great rom that i personally use and find to be the best rom for my T-mobile USA HD2 aka Leo. he did a great job on this rom and has pretty much all tabs included besides a facebook tab. the rom runs very smooth and very fast making it on the top of many others list as well. you my remember the name Firestorm from the gs2 touch pro 2 as well where agent47 had also made/makes a great rom for that device. you can find the download, all the updates, and can ask any questions at either of the two links below for this rom: or

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