HTC EVO 4G from Sprint – How to Unlock Nand Protection – Full Root

If you have questions, join ppcgeeks and send me a pm or post in the thread. Don’t try getting help via the comments on youtube. This is how I unlocked the Nand Protection from my EVO 4G from Sprint. I didn’t come up w/ this. This is toastcfh’s method from xda-developers. Here’s my directions on how to do this on PPCGeeks – Here’s the original thread that toastcfh made on xda – 1st time you root and install a custom rom, you have to use the manual recovery method. After a custom rom is installed, you can use “Rom Manager” by ClockworkMod from the Market and install roms from the program. Much easier to do. I show that step at the end of the video.

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