How To Root The Samsung Transform M920!

PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK, and STAR IT! It’s pretty important. I have been asked SEVERAL TIMES to get the Transform Ultra… I do NOT have money to buy every single phone out there. If you’d like me to do videos on it, then please consider sending a small donation. – All funds will go towards that phone! 🙂 For much newer videos on the Transform – For all updates related to YouTube, please follow me on Twitter! This video is SEVERELY outdated now! Android 2.2.2 FroYo has been OFFICIALLY released for the Samsung Transform and you can go to my new video by click this link, How To Root Android 2.2.2 on the Samsung Transform, How To Root The Samsung Transform WITHOUT a computer! How To Install Custom Recovery WITHOUT a computer! My Titanium Backup Pro Review! ****WARNING**** I hope everyone reads this! If you install the CL14 (swupgrade) tool, reboot your computer, and you do NOT delete the M900 tar that’s located in this folder, C:\Program Files\Samsung Electronics\SWUpgrade\Models\Binary, you WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE. People keep not following directions and flashing the M900 tar to there M920. After you install the SWUpgrade tool and reboot, immediately delete that M900 tar in the binary folder. That is the ONLY way I know of that will brick your phone and people keep doing that! If you have a 64 bit computer, it’s in your 2nd (x86) programs folder.

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